Attending live events makes good MLM sense!

Attending live MLM events makes good business sense for multiple reasons.  First and foremost you will be in a room full of like minded individuals.  Meeting people online and via conference calls is nice, but nothing beats the experience of shaking the hand of a fellow network marketer making a connection in person.  All of the energy and excitement is transferred back and forth in real time.  Introductions are done and invaluable information is exchanged.  People form mastermind groups on the spot, share marketing ideas, business opportunities, and make life long connections.

The second biggest reason to attend a live MLM event is that there will undoubtedly be tools, training platforms and other aids that will be sold, usually for a lot less than the general public can acquire the buy.  It takes a degree of self control not to grab everything that is suggested, but if you do your home work in advance, you can usually hold out for what is really going to add value for you and your business.  Have a pre-determined budget before the event and stick to it, but realize that some of the bundles, software, books, and training that will be extended, may never be available at such a great rate again.

The last and probably most important reason for attending live MLM events, is the opportunity to shoot videos and take pictures with some of the experts/leaders that will be at the event.  Capturing their images with yours adds instant credibility to who you are and helps to validate your status as an expert.  The videos can be edited and used over and over to reach a vast audience.  One such live event can spawn multiple videos.  MLM is a people based business.  At the end of the day you have to meet people, interact with people and get to know people, even if they will never be a direct addition to your primary business.  The idea is to leverage a life event so that the return on the investment more than pays for itself and will continue to do so in may ways.

To minimize cost, plan your travel in advance, especially if you are flying.  Think about staying with a friend, family member or sharing a hotel room.  Driving to the events has been one of the biggest savings that people can realize these days.  If you are staying at a hotel, check out to see if there are any conference rates that you may be able to take advantage of.  Safety always comes first, but get creative when it come to conserving cash.  The more you save in the front end, the greater your return will be in the back end.  Don’t let a little distance and out of pocket expense keep you at home.  I have attended two live events during the last year and I can honestly say that they have been transformational in my growth and the benefit to my business.  Don’t sleep on the opportunity to attend live events if you want to experience real success in your MLM opportunity.

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