Change your approach to problem solving for MLM success

I recently went shopping for a new car.  I had a sedan that I was very comfortable with, except for the fact that I drive two hours a day commuting and the car got poor gas mileage.  I was looking at hybrids because of the great mileage that they claimed to have.  I used to ignore hybrids because they are usually smaller and I thought that I would have to give up a lot.  I test drove a hybrid and to my surprise it was pretty comfortable and had many of the bells and whistles that my sedan had.  The hybrid doubled my sedan mileage and then some.  I traded in my sedan and I bought the hybrid.

The economy, gas prices, and the need to conserve cash has made hybrids very attractive today.  More and more car manufacturers are building them in more and more options.  New on the scene is the totally electric car that does not require any gasoline.  Years ago, many said, “electric cars will just be a fad , they will never go into production”.  We now live in a ‘Jetson’ world where there are multiple electric cars to choose from.

The same kind of shift in thinking should be applied to your network marketing opportunity.  Strategies  that worked ten to twenty years ago by and large are not as effective today.  Perspective leads and customers are plugged in, better educated and most importantly they are connected twenty four hours a day via a variety of methods and tools.  Yesterday’s marketers made out lists, stood in malls and made cold call after cold call in the pursuit of growing a network marketing business.  Today’s marketer needs  to be internet savvy, have descent communication skills and have a way to conduct business 24 x 7.  Those who embrace change and adapt to what the leaders use, are the network marketers  who find success.  Those that stay stuck in the past and usually fail.

To embrace change network marketers may have to check their ego at the door, and admit that they don’t know it all.  The sooner that there is an admission that you don’t know it all and that your businesses must continue to evolve in order to be successful, the quicker you will be able to innovate and realize success.    Every business that is successful evolves or reinvents itself periodically.  Whether it’s reading a personal development book, attending a live event or actually putting into action the marketing plan that you created way back when, there is something new that must be attempted or implemented in your business.  The most successful network marketers are always trying a new strategy or tactic.  It’s not to say that you want to do everything all the time, but implementing new techniques periodically and sticking with those that work is smart business.  We can all learn something by suspending disbelief long enough to try new ideas and strategies.   I am currently on a personal journey right now as I write a new article every day.  Its time consuming and usually takes place at the end of my day when I would rather be sleeping or doing something else.  But I believe that this effort will help my business in ways that I can’t imagine yet.  I am taking my own medicine and waiting to see what happens.  Will you join me?


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