Inner Guidance leads to true happiness

During my career in Corporate America, I have participated in many facilitated training sessions that have taught everything from how to communicate more effectively, leading highly effective teams to self development. Some of these courses left me with the feeling that I just wasted two days of my life having so called paid professionals tell me what I already knew, while others were life changing. In all honesty the course that I took from Brian Tracy in the late 90’s on self development while employed at a financial institution was life changing. I can still remember the instructor’s name and the basic premises of the class. The platform of the class was to pretend you were sitting in a rocking chair at the end of your life on a porch that overlooked a beautiful lake front property. A reporter has been dispatched to your retirement home to do a human interest story on you. As the reporter takes out their recorder and note pad, they begin the interview by asking you ‘Tell us about your life’. The next two days of the class were spent articulating the goals and achievements that we would like to have accomplished and the action steps needed to get there, by the time this hypothetical interview were to take place. It was a great experience because it was not focused on the day to day activities of the bank but instead I got to focus on me. At times I could not help but think, ‘wow that bank is sure taking a risk, letting us take this time to dream and plan for activities that often did not include bank related activity. They were footing the bill for training that in many cases was laying the ground work for some of us to think about our passions and plan our escape! When you think about it, it is a great investment because talented people need to be passionate about whatever they are doing, if they are going to be really successful. This is a question that far too many of us do not ask ourselves, because either we don’t know what our passion is or are too comfortable to stir the pot for fear of stepping outside our comfort zone.  In a recent article Brian Tracy goes on to say that you can access your Inner Guidance and your true level of happiness by asking yourself three key questions:

1. What would it take for me to be perfectly happy? Write down every single thing that you can imagine would be in your life if you were perfectly happy at this very moment. Write down such things as health, happiness, prosperity, loving relationships, inner peace, travel, car, clothes, homes, money and so on. Let your mind run freely. Imagine that you have no limitations at all.
2. In what situation in life, and with whom, am I not perfectly happy? This one is a little tougher. Force yourself to think about every part of your day, from morning to night, and write down every element that makes you unhappy or dissatisfied in any way.
3. In looking over my life, where and when have I been the happiest? Where was I, with whom was I, and what was I doing?

By asking and answering these three questions you begin to delve deeper and deeper into yourself and your feelings. You begin to accept your own happiness as a legitimate standard by which to evaluate everyone and everything in your life. You begin to develop the wisdom, the courage and the foresight to organize your life in such a way that you become a much happier person.
Once you have the answers to those questions, think about what you can do, starting immediately, to begin creating the kind of life that you dream of. It may take you a week, a month or a year, but that doesn’t matter. Every single that you do that moves you closer to your vision of happiness will be rewarding in itself. You’ll become a more positive and optimistic person. You’ll feel more confident and more in charge of your life.

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