It’s the MLM playoffs, did you bring your ‘A’ game?

Playoff series are like a marathon race for the NBA.  They seem to go on and on and players have to battle through injuries, external distractions, and most importantly trying to live up to media and fan expectations.  In many ways the competition that goes on between network marketers is very similar to the NBA playoffs.  There is fierce competition for the next prospect that shows even a small amount of interest in the marketer’s business.  Network marketers find themselves sometimes fighting over the next ‘live’ prospect like a piece or rare meat.  One thing that is certain is that the teams that are battling it out to stay alive have a lot of skill, desire and heart.  Many NBA teams have ‘superstar’ athletes in their organizations, who have paid a heavy price with regards to extra hours spent on the court, watching film of the competition, and getting their minds mentally prepared.  These same skill sets can be compared to the world of the network marketer and the success or failure that many experience.  I heard a successful network marketer say just last night that he is happy when his competition, who basically is everyone on line, gives up and doesn’t follow through.  At the end of the day all the leads that are lost by marketers who give half baked attempts, are grabbed by those marketers who go all out and have a never quit mentality.  Let’s be clear MLM and Network Marketing can bring out the best in some people and the worst in others.  Some chose to go to battle in full view of everyone on the front pages of Facebook and Youtube.  Others are more refined in their strategy and let their numbers speak for themselves by the recognition that is afforded to them through their primary businesses and the industry in general.

At the end of the day, none of this matters except what type of performance are you going to give during the playoffs?  Are you a Michael Jordan kind of player who can be counted on till the very last second, or just one of the thousands of big league hopefuls who constantly says, “ I could have been a contender”.   Every night I am writing articles no matter how late.  It’s very tough.  Some days, after work, cleaning up after dinner, and getting the  kids to bed, finding the energy to write and market takes every bit of strength that I have.  But the reality is that if I don’t keep up my marketing assault someone else will.  It’s literally eat or be eaten.  Not to be too dramatic but this is the mindset of a champion.  It’s fourth quarter and the game is tied up.  You know that there can only be one winner and you have to make up your mind, is it going to be you or the other guy.  I don’t believe that it has to be one winner at the network marketing competition, but to be successful you have to set yourself apart from the pack.  Those who can execute and win more than they lose, will realize success in both monetary rewards and momentum that will serve them well for a long time.  What type of player are you?

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