Leadership is key to building your MLM business

Leadership is a quality that many think that they can forget in building a successful  MLM business.  This could not be further from the truth.  Leadership is vital because people naturally want to follow someone who is capable.  Everyone loves a winner and the kind of persona that a leader espouses.  You don’t necessarily have to display the kind of charisma that some of the famous leaders in history have been known to have, but you do have to have a dedication to your business that comes across in the work you do.  The saying that, “your actions speak so loudly, I can’t hear a word you are saying” drives the point home.  Leaders create their brand by having a presence that is literally everywhere.  When people go on-line they see the leader’s videos on Youtube, Facebook and Viddler.  They see leader’s articles on blogs, in email blasts, and in links on Twitter.  Leaders have an active blog that uniquely defines the mission and vision of a leader.  More importantly leaders hold themselves and their organizations accountable.  Time after time we hear the horror stories of the MIA (Missing In Action) up-line.  The person who was oh so great at recruiting and delivering the ‘pitch’ but was nowhere to be found once the enrollment took place.  This person is not a leader.  Sure they may put the numbers on the board and lead in recruitment efforts, but he/she is not adding to the long term success of the MLM business because these type of tactics often result in attrition by those who are disillusioned by the smooth talkers.  Great leadership in an MLM business often has three key traits that can be defined by:

  1. Those individuals who genuinely care about all distributors in the company, not just their immediate down-line.  This is not to say that they get caught up in every individual’s problems or issues, but they recognize the value of the tide lifting all boats not just one.
  2. They are a conduit of information.  They share it freely and openly so as to teach others and continue their perpetual learning process.  They understand that knowledge is power and work hard to add to the body of knowledge that benefits their particular MLM business.
  3. They are accountable for their actions and hold their team accountable.  To the degree that we are all adults and should conduct ourselves in this manner, is not a foregone conclusion.  Doing what is right is not always popular or easy, but true leaders can manage through distractions to deliver the results and make sustained positive impacts.

Leadership is defined by going the extra mile when others give up and decide not to send out that one additional marketing piece.  The most important thing to remember is that you really don’t have to know everything or have been in the business ten years to be respected as a leader.  It’s all about the work that one puts into their business that earns leaders a following, and ultimately the enrollment into their primary MLM business.  Consistency and follow up will win every time.  At the end of the day leadership and hard work are the keys to success.

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