Massive action is needed for MLM success

Many of today’s network marketers are far too concerned with learning every detail and perfecting every aspect of their marketing campaign instead of taking massive action. Don’t get me wrong, its a good thing to become intimately familiar with the business model that you are marketing, but not to the degree that you spend more time tweaking and less time reaching people.  The bottom line is that the more people that you get in front of your opportunity, the more money you will make.  Details, such as the form of payment that your company’s comp plan will pay, or what company will deliver the autoship, can be left to ponder much farther down the road when all you have time to do is count your money.  Taking massive action now is what every minute of your spare time needs to be dedicated towards.  Actions like:

1. Getting plugged into a master mind group, either made up of similar business owners in your primary business, or just like minded individuals as yourself who are interested in creating wealth.  Keeping up to date on what is working now and learning from those who you trust can save you time, energy and most importantly money.

2. Having a presence in as many places as possible it vital.  Exploiting every channel of social networking on a consistent basis is key.  You can relax when you have made your first million, but as for today you have to seize the opportunity and make the most of each hour.  Its not easy, but if you repeat, the same marketing steps day after day, success will come your way.

3. Set time aside each day to work on your business.  If you do not schedule time to market, network, grow and learn, it will not happen.  Therefore, find the time each day to move your agenda forward.  Whether its early AM, lunchtime, or late night, commit to doing something every day.  Write out exactly what you plan to accomplish each day and key a log.  Plan daily, weekly and monthly goals so that you are marching towards milestones that continue to raise the bar.  Most importantly if something is just not working, modify your strategy until you find out what works for you.

At the end of the day, taking massive action will deliver desired results, but you have to keep the pressure on until you get the results you want.  People will try a new strategy or tactic for a minute, then quite two days later, because ‘it didn’t work’.  Nine times out of ten, it was not the strategy that was faulty but the lack of effort and consistency.  Whether it’s marketing on-line or off line, your efforts to grow your business take time to marinate.  People often give up just when their efforts are beginning to bear fruit.  The objective is not to try everything like throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks, but to be relentlessly consistent until what you have worked hard at begins to make a positive difference.   Your motto must be:

“Do it until it works!”

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