Meetup Groups can have a significant impact on your MLM Business

About six months ago I was turned onto the phenomenon known as ‘Meetup Groups’.  Meetup as its most commonly referred to is a very efficient way to organize a group of people who have a common interest or desire for the purpose of coming together in a physical space.  Meetups take place all over the world and are as diverse in purpose representing many areas of business, art, sports, and culture, etc.  The platform is ingenious, with all of the promoting and corresponding taking place on line.  It’s the best of both worlds, combining aspects of the social networking 2.0 world with the ‘old school’ belly to belly meeting.  The magic for me came when I decided to host a Meetup group in my city because I saw the benefit of conducting a meeting on a periodic basis with similar minded individuals.  I wanted to find people who were interested in reaching financial freedom and most importantly leveraging the MLM vehicle to get them there.  With this hypothesis, I launched a Meetup group whose objective it was to share networking information that would benefit ANY business and never directly pitch my own or someone else’s primary company to those in attendance.   The Meetup was successful on several fronts because there were many traditional network marketers who wanted to learn how to market on line but did not have leadership who were skilled enough, or took the time to teach them.  Three basic principals were instrumental in contributing to the success of my meetings:

  1. I made it very clear in the Meetup description and at the beginning of each meeting that we were not there to actively recruit others in attendance.  The purpose of the meeting was to gather information, learn and share best practices.  It was okay to introduce yourself and tell what company you represented, but there was to be no hard sells or over the top presentations in an attempt to use the meeting as a recruiting fest.
  2. The meeting content changed each time a meeting was held and focused on very relevant content (e.g . How to use Facebook to grow your business, or How to leverage a blog to create leads for your business).  I utilized a video projector and internet connection to perform live presentations so that attendees could follow along and take notes on the step by step information that was being delivered.  Many in attendance had never interacted on a blog or cut a video to post on YouTube.
  3. I found a venue that was free of charge and centrally located.  Finding somewhere with good WIFI and that will allow you to use their space can be a tough task.  There can be challenges with logistics, technology, accessibility, but it is worth the effort to do your homework, because the last thing you want to do is create overhead which can be a headache in itself.  I was fortunate to find a Whole Foods Market that met all of my criteria.  They had free WIFI, a free meeting room with a large table and chairs and the location was easily accessible from the highway.

As your Meetups grow in size, you can delegate responsibility to others and have co-leadership opportunities.  I have also learned that a best practice is to have guest speakers who are authorities on specific subject matters to come to your Meetups and present.  This helps to strengthen the group because of the diversity of thought leadership and takes some of the pressure off of you from having to prepare content for each meeting.  Ultimately the biggest win came when through the informal relationships that I formed from conducting the Meetup, I was able to recruit two different individuals into businesses that I own.  I recruited on individual into my primary network marketing opportunity and the other into my funded proposal which helps network marketers learn how to generate business leads.  Meetup groups saw a need and created a solution that is having huge success for those who enjoy networking in person.  I found it to have a significant positive impact on my MLM business and if you follow the three steps outlined above, I am sure that you will find the same.

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