More than one MLM opportunity at a time?

The topic of participation in multiple network marketing opportunities (primary businesses, not just affiliate association), usually evokes some strong beliefs on both side of the debate.  On the one hand, up-line sponsors usually frown on multiple opportunity participation because they would like their down-line to focus 100% on their primary business.  The reality is that people do often find themselves in multiple opportunities.  There are good points and negative points to this practice.  On the one hand if you choose the companies strategically, multiple businesses can complement each other.  They can feed off the synergistic energy that is created and everything from Lead Generation, to saying thank you by displaying some gesture for going above the call of duty.  Whether its flowers, a card, or some other thank you device, there are many opportunities to make money from the supportive things that are sent to prospects as they are signed up in a primary business.  One of the best could be a funded proposal that helps the down-line understand the intricacies of marketing on-line and lead generation.   Some leaders choose to take their down line by the hand and teach them the tools of business building duplication, while others take the path of outsourcing this practice and earn a residual income in the process.

On the con side, some people spend so much time jumping form one opportunity to the next, that they are not successful at anything.  They have been divided and conquered.  They usually drag their down-line from company to company in hopes of hitting whatever business incentives or quick cash rewards that are on display until the next flavor of the day catches their attention.  This model takes a great deal of energy and work to sustain.  It is inefficient because the energy that is placed into getting several pie pieces of many pies could have been devoted to getting an entire pie.  Mastery of the product line, leadership philosophy of the company and most important personal relationships don’t mature and serve anyone to the highest potential.  Eventually all of the business endeavors suffer, filling those involved in this type of approach with regret.

No matter what is written or what advice is given, people will do what they think is best and only life’s lesson will provide the education.  You should not automatically roll over and obey anyone who says you can only do one MLM at a time.  Everyone needs to weigh the options of the opportunity and situation as they present themselves. Conversely, if you are going to bite off multiple opportunities, you need to have some strategic roadmap that displays how your assortment of activities works for an overall higher purpose.  The reality is that most people who get involved with MLM have another occupation or responsibility in their lives that commands time and attention, therefore one must be strategic and calculating with how and when one spends their time.  Picking the right horse in your race and riding him to the finish line while trying not to switch horses mid race may be the toughest journey of your MLM career.

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