Powerful ‘off-line’ mlm success strategies in an ‘on-line’ world

In this world of social media hype and growing connectivity to the internet via smart phones, tablets and hot spots, the majority of attention and activity supporting the growth of MLM or Network Marketing encourages investing activity ‘on-line’.  This is justifiable given the variety of tools at one’s disposal and the efficiency the internet can wield twenty-four hours a day, not to mention the global reach of the net.  But in this world of tweets, status updates, pin it buttons, and video upload, there is still a vibrant and productive world of ‘off-line’ mlm success strategies that deserves your attention and possible investment.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe that marketing on-line is the best method of marketing, but there is a lot to be said for ‘off-line’ strategies.  I think that the ‘off-line’ approach is especially effective and needed when developing a local following and down-line.  It’s great to have a global organization, with distributors in all of the world’s time zones, but there is something to be said for being able to sit down belly to belly and ‘press the flesh’ of those who you recruit into your organization.  These powerful ‘off-line’ success strategies are especially good at facilitating the growth of your local team.

Powerful ‘off-line’ mlm success strategies

  • Meet-up groups can be a great ‘off-line’ strategy to grow your MLM organization.  The site htp://www.meetup.com provides a very nice interface to facilitate face to face meetings between individuals with common interests or goals on almost any subject matter.  You may find a previously established MLM/Network Marketing group that you would like to attend, or you may decide to start your own.  Either way, it is very easy to implement this solution and the cost is free, or if you decide to be a group leader the fee is nominal and gives you the ability to market directly to your group and decide all of the logistics.  The forum can be a great stage to establish instant expert status and can give you an almost limitless exposure to potential leads.  But one must be cautious not to abuse the power of being a member or a leader of a Meetup group.  It is key to remember that the quickest way to turn people off and have them shut down is to push your opportunity on them.  Offering value and solving their problems first will keep you in their good graces and in their favor.
  • Drop cards are an extremely effective way of getting the attention of perspective leads.  The card is usually a $50 or $100 bill that appears to be folded and is usually dropped ‘discretely’ on the ground or placed in some other public place that has a high traffic volume.  Most people, eager to claim some free cash, will pick up the bill that when once opened, reveals a cleverly scripted message about your business opportunity.  The key is to keep the message short and powerful with either a link or a phone number to supply additional information.  I would highly recommend the use of a lead capture page or a sizzle line, which allows the caller to leave their information.  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR ACTUAL DIRECT DIAL PHONE NUMBER, unless you want to be bothered by those you would rather not hear from.  The cards are inexpensive and a definite attention getter.  They are always picked up by the curious and can be easily disseminated while you are out (dining, at the mall, or any high traffic area)
  • Bandit signs (yes those signs that you see by the side of the road) are a great ‘off-line’ mlm success strategy.  I have use these sings over the last year hand have generated well over 200 leads from people who just cannot resist dialing the Google number on the sign to leave their name and number to find out more about my business opportunity.  My sign reads, “$250K/year working from home – Don’t believe it? Don’t Call! 216-245-2402”.  They signs produced a steady flow of leads and prospects until the signs are removed or taken down.  The signs are best displayed in high traffic areas like on-ramps to freeways and other areas that get a lot of traffic.  Always use caution when putting your sign up and be aware of any local ordinances or laws that prohibit these types of signs.  If you do get a phone call because you have broken some kind of law, it is best to plead ignorant and not do it again.  Once again, use a Google number with a pre-recorded message to avoid unwanted calls coming to your cell or home directly.  There are many different manufactures or these signs.  Make sure that you get the signs that have printing on both sides and it is best to spend a little more to the plastic type that will not get ruined in wet conditions.  Also the investment in the metal frames is well worth it to give you an easy way of displaying your sign.  Use a rubber mallet to help prevent damage to the sign and metal frame during display.

Off-line mlm success strategies may be thought of as ‘old-school’, but they do yield results and can be very helpful in building a local team to complement your on-line activities.  Do not under estimate the power of ‘off-line’ mlm strategies as they can be extremely effective and present the opportunity for personal belly to belly networking that can bring significant benefits to your overall mlm/network marketing strategy.

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