The biggest mistake MLM business owners make

The life of a network marketer often seems like a perpetual tread mill, because we are so fixated on recruiting the next down-line, that when we get them, we often commit a grave mistake.  That mistake is that we do little or no training for the new recruit on how to go about creating leads and conversions and help them build a duplicatable sustainable model.  Its on to the next one, without setting up the rep that was just brought in for success of their own.  What network marketers fail to realize is that the real success that is often marketed in the MLM world cannot be achieved unless a solid organization of individuals who know how to prospect, generate leads and convert in a successful fashion is built.  Taking this step for granted or not taking the time to perform real knowledge transfer for newbies can bring down an organization that has been built quickly like a house of cards.  What good are new recruits and rapid growth if people get discouraged and drop out because they can’t generate success for themselves?  Lead generation is the hardest part of growing an MLM business and the reason that most people fail.  They buy into the panacea that their warm market and the INCREDIBLE product that they have to offer will begin printing money the minute that their credit card is run to enter the business.

I personally leverage My Lead System Pro and highly recommend the usage by all of my down-line.  It’s a self contained solution to all lead generation issues and can be duplicated by anyone who goes through the process of following step by step instructions consistently over a committed time frame.  By time frame I am talking months, not days, but the investment pays dividends over and over again.  Not to mention the highly supportive My Lead System Pro community that constantly shares what is working and how to break through barriers.  In addition, I personally contact all of my down-line on a periodic basis to assist with the most troubling issues and provide one on one coaching.

One cannot be too concentrated on what is in front of them to not pay attention to the rear view mirror.  Unsuccessful recruits will diminish your income streams and jeopardize temporary achievements which can lead to the development of a bad reputation for you.  Everyone will certainly not take all the advice and information that is offered to them.  Some will flat out ignore it.  But taking the high road and more strategic approach suggests that you have to give education and training of new recruits your best effort.  This step displays good leadership and is the kind of stuff that will pay off in the strength of the organization that you build as well as your  reputation.   The advantage of enrolling your organization into the My Lead System Pro process is that it is a one stop training source for your entire organization, especially those who may be new to network marketing.  There are prebuilt sales funnels, predesigned lead campaigns, and hours of expert webinars from some of the industry’s top MLM leaders.  You cannot go wrong by exposing a growing organization to this high energy, multi talented group that is a community which supports every aspect of growing a thriving MLM business.  My Lead System Pro (MLSP) provides endless hours of the best lead generating material available, bar none!  Click the banner to the left to get more info on My Lead System Pro (MLSP).

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