Three key factors in considering MLM Companies

As the space of MLM companies becomes increasingly crowded, you need some criteria in which to compare and contrast which opportunities are better than others, and identify tell-tale danger signs that suggest that you stay away.  With the economy continuing to sputter, the attractiveness of network marketing or multi level marketing is becoming increasingly more attractive.  These plan ‘B’ scenarios (as they are sometimes called) or opportunities to produce residual income are finding their way into every facet of life, from young to old and urban to rural.  The growing demand for new entrepreneurial businesses is launching everything from gold & silver collectable coins to every variety of energy/weight loss product ever imagined.  Business owner beware, every network opportunity is not created the same and self education before the selection process begins, can mean the difference between success and failure or put another way, losing a whole lot of money due to ignorance.  Let’s examine the three key factors that should be kept top of mind in weighing what MLM companies might be right for you.

Key Factor 1:  The leadership of the company – This is a very important factor to consider in your decision making process. Do the leaders/founders/owners of the company bring with them experience, business connections and insight that commands respect in the network marketing industry as well as general business community as a whole.  The leadership should have some degree of past success in network marketing.  Hitting close to home, is the individual who would be directly responsible for your enrollment a person of integrity?   All too often, ‘up-lines’ or the person to whom you would enroll under turn out MIA (Missing in Action).  They work tremendously hard to get you into the business, but fall short delivering duplicating skills to help to secure your future success.

Key Factor 2:  The Product / Service offering – Are the products new and innovative?  Is there built up demand for the products?  If not, how will you create one?  All too often ‘me too’ products are launched, attempting to vie for market share in an already exhaustive product niche.  Products should have some creativity and uniqueness about them.  If the product/service offered is a commodity, then it will mostly be treated like one and marginalized.  You must repeatedly ask yourself, if you had a garage full of the product or service, would you be better off, or would it just collect dust?

Key Factor 3: The Compensation (Comp Plan):  The savvy network marketer targets this factor without significant encouragement from your future ‘up-line’ or the glossy marketing material.  The comp plan has got to be robust and most importantly keep the attention of the current prospects.  The comp plan should grow with your success and allow for the flexibility and dynamic changes that take place in our world today.  Efficiency with regards to payment methods and the variety of ways that compensation takes place is huge.  Monetary compensation is only one aspect of ‘getting paid’.  Incentive trips, leadership positioning, and company ownership all speak to the redeeming factors of a more mature comp plan.

These three key factors for considering MLM Companies will serve the individual considering a network marketing opportunity well.  Ultimately performing due diligence, asking lots of questions and interpreting your gut feel come into the consideration of selecting an MLM company.  For additional insight and advice please visit for a proven advice to help take any business you are considering to the next level. 

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