Your Up-Line Is MIA (Missing In Action), Now What?

Many in Network Marketing have experienced the up-line who seems to do a disappearing act once he or she enrolls you in their primary business and successfully completes the transaction of growing their down-line. The promises of mentoring, coaching, and training fly out the window as your up-line moves on to the next conquest, or even worse on to the next shiny object as in new company. The majority of folks in network marketing realize that the relationship between an up-line and the person they enroll is a special one, and take the job very seriously. But all too often, some of the best recruiters, who are responsible for bringing many people into an organization, find it far more personally advantageous to move to the next recruit because it temporarily serves their best interest. Another classic move of the MIA up-line is to jump from one network marketing company to the next and do their best job and take as many people from their team with them as they move to so called ‘greener pastures’. No matter what the scenario, the MIA up-line is often like a tornado, leaving a path of destruction and mayhem behind them.

If you stay in the Network Marketing industry long enough, you will learn that the old saying, “If it is to be, then it is up to me”, holds very true. There are three key actions that must be taken when the individual who recruited you falls short on the developmental relationship between mentor and mentee.

First, you must ask yourself do I believe in the company and myself enough to preserver and leverage the energy, information, marketing concepts that initially drew you to the business in the first place and build something to address your ‘why’. Let’s be honest here. People in MLM join individuals first and companies second. Now that your up-line, who had all the charisma and charm is gone or unattainable, is the argument to stay in the business compelling enough for you to self-motivate and drive yourself? The reality is that most of us come into the world by ourselves and leave the same way. Somewhere between the beginning and the ending all of us at some point become a leader or have leadership qualities. A MIA up-line forces each of us to look in the mirror and ask ourselves tough questions, but in order to stick with your primary company, your desire to succeed has got to be 100% real with that organization.

Second, seek out other leaders within your company. Most Network Marketing companies have a variety of leaders who will step up to the plate and act as a surrogate up-line when asked. Those who are most successful get that way by helping others be successful. As long as the requests are sincere and advice given is put into action, leaders will go out of their way to mentor and advise down-line who have been abandoned. Getting the opportunity to pick your surrogate up-line may actually be a blessing in disguise. You may not have had a lot of choice in the process of selecting who was your up-line as you entered your primary company, but you sure can be selective as you choose new leadership to mentor you.

Last, the adage, “Make yourself a committee of one” should be your mantra if your up-line has gone MIA. Network Marketing can be a lonely place, especially if you are new to the business model or if you are physically isolated from other representatives within your primary company. The perseverance and drive to continue and grow, especially after the feeling of abandonment, must come from deep inside and serve as your beacon so that your business can have the best chance for success. Bottom line is that many think that MLM is a numbers game and that natural selection will prove who will survive and who will not. To ensure that you are not a statistical casualty, you must decide early in your MLM career that you will stop at nothing to find the resources and support to be successful. If leadership does not exist from the person who brought you into the business, then find it among other leaders within your company. If leadership does not exist within your company, find it among the Network Marketing community. Ultimately your success does not rest with anyone else but you. Never give someone else power over you and blame an up-line or anyone else if you struggle in Network Marketing. Empower yourself with tools, training and the mindset so that you reach your personal, financial and life goals.

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